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UAV aerial images complements many real estate postings.  CADS has the ability to capture any angle, height, and distance a customer desires, within FAA regulations.  Customization of still photography and video taken indoors and outdoors is made possible with a 360 degree rotational, non-obstructed, 3-axis, 6-degree of freedom (6-DoF), 4k ultra-high definition camera, with real-time imagining.   Automated flight paths can also be programmed for enhanced consistency and stability.  Graphics overlay, text, sound and animation may be incorporated to create a dynamic and stunning collage for marketing any property. 
Real estate drone service
With a top speed of approximately 40 mph, the UAV can keep up with many dynamic activities.  Some activities include outdoor athletic events and games, festivals and market days, cycling, marathons, marching band performances, parades, and nearly any outdoor event.  Aerial images from any angle of the person or object in motion is possible.  Operating safety, flying responsibly, and abiding by FAA regulations are the highest priorities of CADS; therefore, advance flight planning, activity evaluation, and safety assessment are conducted by CADS prior to all flights for outdoor recreation events.  
Aeial photography for sports
Agriculture & Wildlife Management
Animal counting surveys performed by helicopter have been known to vary from nearly 20% to 65% (Hellickson, 11/21). Utilizing a UAV or drone for wildlife survey, especially deer counting in Texas, presents many benefits to the hunter, land owners and managers, and Texas Parks and Wildlife. CADS offers aerial wildlife counting for a significant lower cost in comparison to fixed-wing and helicopter methods and with far greater accuracy.  CADS is also developing custom software algorithms to enhance the precision of wildlife counting using the aerial images captured by the UAV. 
Aerial photograhy in wildlife
Marketing & Commercial
Marketing your business with aerial views at a low cost is one of the best decisions a business owner could make.  CADS has the equipment, knowledge, and skills to capture stunning images in almost any lighting.  Whether you need custom images for your website, brochures, business cards, presentations, posters, or other media, CADS has you covered.  
Construction & Industrial
CADS, LLC specializes in aerial time lapse videos. Numerous construction companies have partnered with CADS, LLC to document their construction site progress for archiving and marketing purposes as well as for meeting end-customer and investor requirements.
Cornerstone Sanctuary of Hope.jpeg
Roof & HVAC Inspections using FLIR
CADS , LLC is equipped with FLIR / Thermal  Imaging capability.  FLIR offers many benefits in industries, such as, roofing, building construction,  engineering, mechanical, electrical, fluid and HVAC systems.  Our Yuneec Typhoon H UAV CGO3-ET camera is capable of detecting hot spots, thermal emissivity,  and enables low light / night imaging. At this time, night flights will require FAA waivers or authorizations.  Time lapse footage (before, during & after) is also performed for area roofers.
Drone UAV Thermal Imaging FLIR
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