Custom Aerial Drone Services (CADS) is an FAA-approved unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) / drone photography company located in Boerne, Texas, near San Antonio.  CADS utilizes multiple high quality professional drones, UHD and FLIR cameras,  This includes a live-video feed-to-ground control station, reliable and precise waypoint programming, precise navigation and control, and obstacle avoidance.  This type of complete systems, along with years of aerospace experience, enables CADS to provide each customer with custom-made videos and images from unique perspectives and confined areas that are impossible for larger helicopters and fixed-wing airplanes to access and for a fraction of the costs.

CADS is capable of indoor and outdoor still photography and videography, using FAA-registered hexacopter electric propulsion UAVs.  High quality images are obtained using an independently-controlled 360 degree, 6-degree of freedom (6-DoF, 3-axis), 4k ultra-high definition camera with FLIR (thermal imaging & low-light) capability. Additional payload includes 1500 Lumen spot lights for low-light visibility or easy identification.  Retractable landing gear coupled with an independently-controlled camera ensure there is no visual obstruction from the UAV while capturing aerial images during flight.  Automated (autopilot) flight profiles are also available, enabling a single UAV pilot or two-member crew to fine tune the camera optics and angles for enhanced precision.  Real estate, agriculture, land and ranch management, commercial marketing, public outdoor events, wine harvesting, search and rescue, and work site and  structural inspection are just some of the  applications for CADS' UAVs.  CADS is also well-known for creating customized graphic overlays, which is especially desired in the real estate industry.

CADS respects your privacy.  All aerial missions are conducted in accordance with City ordinances, State, Federal laws and common sense. No aerial images will be obtained and released for the purpose other than what CADS is hired to perform or is legally permitted.  CADS also flies responsibly with liability insurance coverage up to 1.5M USD.  Some service locations are subject to airport and FAA approval prior to any aerial drone flights and higher insurance rates.  CADS conducts pre-flight planning, which includes, but is not limited to, reviewing FAA NOTAMS, airspace, airport approvals, obstructions, hazards and weather prior to all flights. 



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Services: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) - Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) - Drone - Autonomous Aerial Vehicle - Aerial Imaging - Aerial Photography - Aerial Video, deer counting, real estate aerial photography services, marketing,. Webpage images are aerial views over San Antonio and Boerne, Texas taken by CADS, LLC..